The Show

_9124115a-1Smoke On! Paul enters the airshow box and draws a straight line of white smoke before pulling into a half loop. From the top of the loop he looks straight down through his canopy, making any small adjustments necessary before putting the Eagle into an INVERTED FLAT SPIN! Paul will attempt to spin the Eagle straight down through the smoke trail he just made. Next its a vertical dive to the Eagles maximum speed of 220 MPH, then a 5 “G” pull to vertical, rolling left until the Eagle stops in midair!

_9124113b-1As the Eagle hangs from its propeller, the torque of the engine will continue to roll the airplane left as it slides backward in a fight against gravity, back into a cloud of smoke. Paul will then do a half “Cuban 8” turnaround, positioning himself for a square loop at airshow center, with a 4 point roll on top, barely above flying speed, then immediately into another pull to vertical, half roll up, and a “humpty bump” turnaround on top. Next up is the double hammerhead, a cartwheel in the sky-a vertical line until the airplane stops, followed by a 1 1/2 turn flip at airshow center. Another half cuban 8, with a few extra rolls, and Paul will come down airshow center and demonstrate the maximum roll rate of the Eagle, doing as many consecutive rolls as he can before running out of space. See if you can count how many!

At the edge of the field he will pull to the vertical until the airplane stops in midair, and then a classic “hammerhead” turnaround, followed by a super S-L-O-W roll, rolling the Eagle 360 degrees as slowly as possible covering the entire airshow line. Paul will then do a short break out to climb up high for a redline airspeed entry to the “Lomchevak”, or tumble, using the gyroscopic effect of the propeller to twist and flip the Eagle sideways and backwards!

push humptyOut and up, a push over “humpty bump”, half roll down and it’s into a “layout Cuban 8” – Paul will draw a giant number 8 on its side with his smoke, pushing “outside” at the bottom of the figure with -4 Gs’, hanging from his seatbelt, followed immediately by the outside loop, another maneuver where he better have his belts tight! A rolling turn, turning the aircraft 180 degrees while rolling twice puts the Eagle back airshow center for the 4 point hesitation roll, one left, one right, then rolling inverted, doing an “outside” turn and back for the 8 point hesitation roll, rolling the airplane around its axis with 8 equally spaced stopping points. Count them! Now a big lazy wingover and a knife edge pass, flying the length of the airshow line in a knife edge, 90 degree bank to show off the Eagles “feathers” paint and wave thanks!


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