The Plane

Paul’s experimental category Eagle was built by Pete Gnaedinger of Glide Aero in 2001. Pete also built the famous Eagles Aerobatic Team’s Eagles and many others at his shop in Oregon. The Eagle has a steel frame fuselage with wood wing spars and fabric covered wings and tail surfaces. It is painted in the classic Christen Eagle 9 color “feather” paint scheme.

Eagle-004Pauls aerobatic sequences produce forces of +5 and -4 G’. His airspeeds range from the planes maximum of 220 to 0 MPH, or slightly less if you count the part going backwards! The Eagle’s empty weight is 1089 lbs, with a maximum acro weight of 1585 lbs. The engine is a Lycoming AEIO360 producing 230 HP and turning a three blade MT aerobatic propeller.


DSC_0316The Eagle’s G load limits are +7, -5. She carries 25 gallons of fuel with a range of 300 miles. Paul’s Eagle has a number of modifications to extend it’s aerobatic capabilities.